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LU: Heart Meme Mitsuki by Eeveelutions95 LU: Heart Meme Mitsuki by Eeveelutions95

Mitsuki is one of those people who is everything but self-centered. She is good natured and likes helping people. She dislikes being in the center of attention and she doesn't believe she can ever be good enough. Therefore she will never notice if someone liked her, she convinces herself that she is imagining things. Because of this she has earned the name "the untouchable flower"... she is so clueless it hurts. Its to the point where even if someone sent her flowers she would think that it must have been meant for someone else and sent to her by mistake. Her low self esteem is a result of a certain boy from a long time ago.

For those of you that cant read my ugly writing...
The colours (starting at pink) are: Crush>Love>Protective>Respect>Close Friends>Friends>Acquaintances>Neutral>Dislike>Fear>Hate 


Kasami Suiren
Though she and Kasami got off to a rocky start, they are really close friends now. Despite the fact that they go to different schools, they meet up all the time, either on purpose or by accident. They have known each other since elementary school and Mitsuki takes it upon herself to look after Kasami making sure that she doesn't get into tooo much trouble.

Machiko Sato
Mitsuki met Machiko in judgement while chasing a thief. They aren't the closest of friends but Mitsuki tends to mother her a bit cause she thinks of Machi's acts like a little kid, despite being one of the strongest espers in academy city.

Yoru Karuido
She and Yoru are friends, but she feels that he is keeping secrets from her and therefore they aren't very close. They were very close before, so she is a bit confused about who he likes... though currently she suspects he has a thing for Kasami...

Ingrid Faust
She doesn't know why but Ingid's personality always seems to irk her. They haven't known each other for long, but Mitsuki finds her a bit... well.. rude... 

Park Tachinaba
Mitsuki's Senpai. Despite the rumors she discovered that he isn't such a bad person, in fact he is quite nice and he means well... She tries her best to keep him out of trouble behind the scenes but it seems that her efforts have been in vain.

Mitsuki Hanasaku (c) Eeveelutions95
Please do not use. Thank you.
sandlinna Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
hehehe Mitsuki so cute!!!
but--- the writing on the legend is so small I can't read what it says :iconmingtearsplz:
Eeveelutions95 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
:iconspazhugplz: thank youus :heart:

amg sorries- It auto set to 600px-- LOL you should be able to zoom in now ;w;
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