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LU: Kasami's Heart Meme (update) by Eeveelutions95 LU: Kasami's Heart Meme (update) by Eeveelutions95
:iconlevelupper: I'll be good and upload this ;w; lol  Kasami's gonna kill me |'D

This is what I meant by she either likes you or not- She's either good friends with you or she somewhat dislikes you.
|'D Yeah that's pretty much it~
Oh and since I am revealing her secrets anyways.. Before she got into Tokiwadai, Kasami used to have a crush on one of her senpais who was captain of the baseball team |'D He treats her like a lil sis and they lost contact after he graduated.

Kasami is a girl who doesn't like talking about her feelings. Growing up as the oldest child of a single-parent-family, she feels like she has to take all the burden upon herself. She always tries to work things out by herself and never asks for help. She blames her father for leaving them (though it wasn't really his fault) and he is part of the reason why she is uncomfortable with the idea of depending on others.
With her mother was always working late, Kasami took it upon herself to do the chores and take care of her little brother. She may not look it, but she is actually good with children and pets and she might be girlier than you might think. Majority of her friends are boys from various sports teams that she had taken part in with only one or two female friends that are in her school.
I don't need a man to hold my hand I'm stronger than you think I am //shotdead sorrynotsorry

For those of you that cant read my ugly writing...
The colours (starting at pink) are: Like>Love>Protective>Respect>Close Friends>Friends>Acquaintances>Neutral>Dislike>Fear>Hate 


Keita Suiren
Her beloved little brother. She and Keita are actually really close, closer than most siblings. It doesn't come as a surprise though, since they have been through so much together. Together they take care of the chores around the house and often Kasami stays with him until their mother gets home from work (which is past her own curfew). She and Keita joke around and have fun all the time. She loves teasing him and ruffing up him a bit. Because their mother is so busy, she sometimes acts like a mother figure to him. She is super protective of him and absolutely hates the people that bullies him. If something would happen to him, she would most definitely get revenge, twofold.

Mitsuki Hanasaku
She and Mitsuki met back in elementary school. At first Kasami saw her as only a rival, but soon grew accustomed to her being around. She really respects Mitsuki, for though she is a bit ditzy and a huge clutz most of the time, she can always get things done and they are always done right. Mitsuki is one of the only people Kasami would ever listen to because she trusts her judgement and knows that she means well. She absolutely loves dragging Mitsuki into missions (despite no longer being in judgement) for the two of them are always in sync when it comes down to it. However, she cannot stand shopping with Mitsuki, the things she looks at just isn't her type.

Machiko Sato
She met Machiko at judgement. Kasami has always felt that Machiko doesn't appreciate her presence. However she is quite amused at Machiko's childish personality. Kasami sees her as her new rival.

Yoru Karuido
She and Yoru got off on a bad start. Kasami broke into his room while running from a group of bad guys. When she discovered that Mitsuki was texting him, she was curious and decided to stay to find out what kind of person he was. She has never really liked him and disapproves of Mitsuki being friends with him, for she thinks he is just taking advantage of her good will.
He teases her from time to time, which just makes her confused at his mood swings from his usual snappy comments. She questions whether or he just likes everyone. The thought of that pisses her off.  
After a certain run in at the construction site, it all took a turn for the worse. She thinks of him as a typical arrogant hothead who knows nothing about being grateful whatsoever. She wants absolutely nothing to do with him, and would rather he keep his head out of her business. Just the mention of his name is enough to make her blood boil. To her dismay, he has seen her little brother and is determined to keep them apart at all costs. Might as well try and keep Tsuna and Mitsuki away from him as well, while she's at it...

Ingrid Faust
She doesn't know her that well, but she thinks its kinda cute the way she tries to act all mature. She sees her like a spoiled little kid and is surprised to see calm, gentle Mitsuki get all worked up over the things she says. She does think that she is a bit weird, and though I wouldn't say that she "dislikes" her, they certainly haven't become anything close to friends yet..

Tsuna Akatori
She met him while she was sneaking around his school. He is now one of her closest friends. They hang out all the time and get into all sorts of mischief. She loves to tease him and joke around knowing that he doesn't mind. She can really be herself around him, and it is a huge relief to her that he isn't scared of her one bit. With both of them being pyrokinetics she doesn't mind helping him "train" though part of her hopes he would not reach higher levels before her for she likes to boast a bit from time to time. It surprises her how easy it is to tell him things that she normally wouldn't. For her, good friends are hard to come by and nothing scares her more than the idea of losing a friend like him. There's just something about him.. could it be that she actually likes him? It bothers her that he seems to make friends only with the people she doesn't like.

Cole Kuri
She senses that there may be something wrong between her and Tsuna though she herself does not have any problems with her. Kasami thinks she is a nice girl, but a bit on the oversensitive side... Kasami thinks that Cole doesn't seem to know that there is a time and place for everything.

Michi Yamato
They have only spoken a few words to each other, but Kasami sees her as another one of those snobby rich kids. A rude know-it-all.

Kasami Suiren (c) Eeveelutions95
Please do not use. Thank you.
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